Thursday, February 26, 2015


This band is the work one terrific new singer songwriter Katie Crutchfield.
She has two LPs out and has another due in April. I am really looking forward to it. Love the stripped down sound and palpable angst on this one. And if you can't say it in under 2 minutes you are not trying hard enough or you really like guitar solos.

Misery Over Dispute

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

6ft underrated

Ingress to dirt, 6ft underrated and dying. Like water that needs a drink or brain that needs a think. I hear the sound of gas as it fills my tank. The lost bags and wrong taken bridges are piling up like mad markers to unthought murals. The junk I have lost in my own junk drawer is astounding, remarkable, note worthy. If I have it, sometimes I don’t have it. What I once had, the good times, they are peeling away like the wrapping paper of opened presents. But the paper is the present, and the argyle socks are now made of wood. Hand shake deals over barrels on the porch give way to thunderous rounds of thunder in the distance. Because, well, if you’re on the porch then there will be thunder. Thunder overhead, over heard.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My brain often comes across vague notions of ideas, band names, song titles, subjects for distillation. 
I have a folder on my computer where I put these.
Here is a list of the last several:

The moon, a solid no
My Wild Engines
How I won't mind
pajama comma pajama
I am destroying your paradigms (pajamas)
Slight cracked sanity
Felff (fallen elf)
Wrath and Heartbreak
Kill Squares

Friday, February 13, 2015

Gotta get a record out!

Sometimes a perfect song gets written, recorded, released and just falls off the map for some reason.

Green was a band from Chicago I saw several times back in the 80's and they
released a bunch of great records. Snotty young kids with a whole lotta Kinks on there minds. I love the aggressive unpolished attitude of there sound.

Below is a link from there near perfect first LP:

Gotta Get a Record Out