Monday, November 03, 2014

Mt. Goats

I have been a fan of the Mountain Goats for some time. They have released quite a few records and I have most of them. This is a band that I will usually buy the new releases as they come out. The band is mostly the work of John Darnielle, he was the sole member for many years and writes all the songs. And often plays solo shows playing an acoustic guitar. This track below is from an EP called Babylon Springs, released in 2006. The drummer also plays in Superchunk, Jon Wurster. Peter Hughes plays bass. I love great song writing and he delivers. He has a nasally, slightly annoying voice, but it doesn't seem to effect my love of his music. He is a very interesting fellow and recently published a novel. And also has a love of death metal.

Sometimes I Still Feel the Bruise


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